CERT Speakers Bureau

CERT speakers are available for meetings of local civic, church, neighborhood groups, schools, employee meetings, and conferences. We can do presentations of 15 minutes to an hour.

To book a speaker for your meeting, contact us at CaldwellCountyCERT@gmail.com. Include your organization’s name, contact person, and phone number.

Presentation Topics

  • Role of CERT in disaster preparedness and response—Is your group ready to have a CERT team?
  • What could happen in an extreme emergency or disaster—impact on transportation, electricity, telephones, food, water, shelter, fuel, emergency services
  • When disaster strikes—How can you prepare in advance to improve the quality of your survival and reduce the damage from hazards?
    • Family emergency plans
    • Maintaining hygiene and sanitation
    • Water storage and treatment
    • Food storage and preparation
    • Communication/radios
    • Power and light
    • Emergency kits—evacuation, stay in place, vehicle get-home kits, first aid, children, elderly, pets
  • Potential hazards—what they are, their impact, and how to prepare for them
    • Fire—home and wildfires
    • Floods
    • Earthquakes
    • Extreme heat
    • Hurricanes
    • Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes
    • Winter storms
    • Pandemic Influenza

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