LARC’s Amateur Radio Winter Field Day 2018

This weekend (January 27-28, 2018) Dick Blumenstein and Roberta Maddox will be hosting the Lenoir Amateur Radio Club’s 2018 Winter Field Day at 4924 Rio De Luna.  This event is a worldwide activity where amateur radio operators setup and operate in whatever “winter weather conditions” are happening during that 24-hours to demonstrate their capability to support disaster and emergency situations.  Dick and Roberta are CERT-trained volunteers, and Dick is Vice President of Caldwell County REACT.

Starting at 9 AM Saturday, they will set-up Lenoir Amateur Radio Club Communications and Antenna trailers and radio equipment and at 2 PM operations start. They will power down at 9 PM and startup again on Sunday morning at 9 AM until 2 PM.

They will operate “off the grid” on alternate power (generator and/or solar) as they would in a situation where commercial power is down.  Radio operations involve testing our equipment capabilities by contacting as many US states, Canadian provinces, and amateur radio stations located in countries worldwide as possible.

The “radio team” that will be operating during this Winter Field Day event provides ongoing support to the Caldwell County Emergency Operations Center and were activated this past year to support Caldwell’s communications and weather operations for Hurricane Irma, and the 2 tornadoes that hit Caldwell County.  The emergency communications assistance that our amateur radio volunteers provide is crucial to our emergency preparedness.

You are invited to drop by the cul-de-sac and talk a little “radio”.  Come check us out!

Directions to 4924 Rio De Luna, Hickory FROM Hwy 321:

-Take Hwy 321 South to Grace Chapel Rd (from Lenoir)

-Turn Left on Grace Chapel Rd

-Turn Right on Rocky Mount Rd (at Church with digital sign, not at service station)

-Immediate Left turn on Petra Mill Rd

-Turn Right at Icard Dam Rd

-Turn Right on Crystal Falls Ave (immediately before bridge)

-Turn Right on Rio De Luna and continue to end of road

-4924 Rio De Luna is on left (lakeside) on cul-de-sac


Ro K4HRM & Dick K0CAT

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