Caldwell County REACT Called Out to Help After Storm

Curt and Hunter setting up cots.

October 23, 2017, southern Caldwell County was hit with tornadoes/bad wind storm damage the second time in less than two weeks uprooting trees, closing roads, and damaging and destroying homes. At 6:20 pm the CERT-trained volunteers of Caldwell County REACT was called into service by Kenneth Teague, Emergency Management Coordinator. Ten team members responded.

Two assisted by taking tarps and other emergency supplies to Grace Chapel Fire and Rescue which was in the middle of the destruction. Rosemary and Michaela Hall had to avoid several road hazards and take back road detours to get to the station.

Eight REACT members were deployed to South Caldwell High School to assist the Red Cross with unloading and setting up cots in the gymnasium which was being opened as an emergency shelter. Curt Hiller, Hunter Mise, Gary Dishman, Sabrina Laws, and Steve and Sherri Bogdan were among the REACT volunteers. Another REACT member, Dick Blumenstein, spent the evening assisting in his neighborhood clearing roads and driveways of fallen limbs and trees.

The REACT team reported back to the Emergency Operations Center for assignments and instructions for the next morning. Members will be assisting in the EOC and will accompany three damage assessment teams in Caldwell County areas damaged in the storm.

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