Starting a Workplace CERT Team

A Workplace CERT program can support and enhance existing capabilities, and CERT volunteers can participate in efforts to increase the preparedness and resilience of the workplace and community. A Workplace CERT program equips employees with skills that enable them to perform basic disaster response operations in an emergency.

Having trained volunteers available on staff helps protect the health, safety, and lives of people at your workplace. Workplace CERT volunteers are trained using the CERT Basic Training curriculum. A CERT program can increase workplace resilience by increasing personal preparedness, allowing employees to return to work more quickly after a disaster. For organizations with a large public-facing component, such as grocery stores or shopping malls, CERT can also help serve the public in the event of an emergency. CERT training will ensure employees have the knowledge and skills to act quickly.

Workplace CERT volunteers can also support the non-emergency needs of the workplace. For example, appropriately trained Workplace CERT volunteers can help manage traffic and crowds at large events and functions. However, while CERT volunteers learn a variety of skills, they are not professional responders and should not act beyond their training.

There is a free Workplace CERT Starter Guide available for employers who would like to learn more about CERT in the workplace.

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