Foothills Fire and Life Safety Festival Report

It was hot. It was humid. But 11 of our CERT members showed up and did a great job. CERT volunteers not only worked at our booth, but assisted at least four other booths with much gratitude from those needing the help. It was a great day sharing information with our community and supporting our awesome first responders.

CPR was being taught in the booth next to us. It made us smile all day as people, even the children, took their lessons very seriously, even toddlers. One little fellow who couldn’t have been two yet went straight to one of the practice dummies and started pushing on its chest then blowing in its mouth. The mother was shocked and wondered where he had learned that. I wish I had a video of that!

We are grateful to Kenneth Teague, Emergency Management Coordinator for Caldwell County, for his support of CERT and encouraging our participation. The CERT volunteers who participated today were Rosemary Hall, Michaela Hall, Shirley Kanode, Irv Kanode, Mark Barrera, Keith and Cindy Smith, Josh Hollar, Joy Mann, Joe Resnick, and Richard Koger.

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