Basic CERT Class Learns Search & Rescue Using Cribbing

There are 9 new Caldwell County CERT members who have completed their basic training. What an interesting group! The class included men and women, a wide range of ages, and various careers and skills–we even have our very own rocket scientist, construction supervisor, former and current military, a real estate agent, a licensed Ham radio operator, etc. The class discussions were always informative. They are already recruiting friends, neighbors, and coworkers to attend the next CERT class.

We wish to congratulate these new CERT members who are dedicated to the safety of their families, neighborhoods, and community.

  • Darrell Pitts
  • Jordan Kidwell
  • Joy Mann
  • Lissa Holsclaw
  • Mark Barrera
  • Richard Koger
  • Ron Kidwell
  • Sandra Shytle
  • Dr. Joe Resnick

Their class last Saturday was dedicated to learning the skills to safely extricate victims from under a collapsed wall using a technique called cribbing. It was taught by firefighter and paramedic, Kenneth Hall. Rosemary Hall and Shirley Kanode were also instructors for the Basic CERT Course. Here are some photos of the group learning and practicing cribbing skills.



4 responses to “Basic CERT Class Learns Search & Rescue Using Cribbing

  1. I would love to add these folks to my mailing list – would you be willing to share their email addresses?


  2. Thanks for sending out the CERT graduation certificates; I am looking forward to the belated Search & Rescue course.