Disaster Drill–School Bus-Propane Truck

Firefighters 2On October 10, 2015,  several area emergency services providers participated in a disaster drill. The exercise scenario was based on a school bus full of students overturning after colliding with a propane truck. CERT volunteers participated along with area fire departments, Caldwell County Emergency Management, two hospitals, the Caldwell County school district, NC State Police, and others.

The drill was an important tool to assess the organization, skills, and readiness of emergency services providers during a disaster. The drill helped identify training opportunities and improvements in coordination and communication.

Three CERT members, Rosemary Hall,  Michaela Hall, and Mark Barrera, were responsible for the trauma moulage (make-up) to make the victims appear injured for more realistic assessment and treatment by the first responders. CERT member Curt Hiller played the role of the severely injured bus driver, and Maria Hiller took photos throughout the exercise.

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