National Association for Amateur Radio Focuses on CERT

Climate-controlled emergency shelter

Climate-controlled emergency shelter

The July 2015 newsletter of the ARRL, National Association for Amateur Radio, includes several articles highlighting CERT activities and partnerships with amateur radio club members. We appreciate Roberta Maddox for sharing this with us. Here is an excerpt from the newsletter editorial.

This issue of the ARES E-Letter has focused on the Citizen Corps/CERT program for good reason: we as radio amateurs are potentially critical links in the community and neighborhood disaster survival chain. During the immediate aftermath of a disaster, “first” responders will likely be overwhelmed and not available to assist you, your family and neighbors. Your neighborhood could be isolated for a period of time. You will be first responder, relying on your own interventions for survival, mitigation of, and adaptation to, disaster after-effects. The best approach to personal disaster management I’ve seen is the CERT program, and under its umbrella, the development of your own neighborhood emergency response team.


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