Lenoir Amateur Radio Club Field Day

Radio Club members inside emergency shelter

Radio Club members inside emergency shelter

The 2015 annual Lenoir Amateur Radio Club (LARC) Field Day was held this weekend, June 27-28, from 2 pm Saturday to 2 pm Sunday.

Field Day is a national, 24 hour event with radio clubs in every state and Canada participating. Local clubs earn points for making digital or voice contacts with each state or province as well as other accomplishments. For example, the Lenoir Club received extra points for having a solar-powered radio in use and being visited by local dignitaries.

The radio club members use their Field Day experience to better prepare for the important communication role they may have to play in a real disaster.

Set-up started around 7:00 am Saturday morning with LARC members and members of the Caldwell County CERT team working together to get the new, climate-controlled emergency shelter deployed and LARC’s new trailer equipped. This year was a roll-out for both shelter and trailer which housed radios and operators throughout the day and night. Kenneth Teague of Emergency Services also provided a generator and light tower for use at night.

During Field Day, the public is invited to observe and speak to the Ham radio operators about their hobby and equipment. The event was held at Redwood Park in Hudson.

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