HAZMAT CLASS How to Plan and carry out an Hazmat IAP

How to Create and Implement a Hazardous Materials Contingency Plan for Transportation Emergencies

Presented by Caldwell County Emergency Management

All Fire / Rescue and EMS Services are welcome to attend:


18:00 Hours

Where: Caldwell County Library, Lenoir Branch-Hospital Ave.

This course will give an overview of how a LEPC can complete a Hazardous Materials Contingency Plan. We will give you the tools and knowledge to better prepare for a Hazardous Materials incident in your area. We will have discussions on incidents that have already occurred, and how we can prevent them in the future with a Plan. We will complete basic plans for evacuation in the event of transportation related incidents and industrial accidents. Students will utilize different tools (CAMEO,ALOHA, MARPLOT, E-Plan, etc…) to assist in creating an Incident Action Plan, while using existing plans for their area. Students will leave this class with knowledge of how an incident may occur and how to respond in their jurisdiction.

Instructor for E-Plan for Emergency Response, Planning and Investigation

Mathew Marshall has been in the Fire Service for 13 years, most of which have been with the City of Cape Coral Fire Rescue and Emergency Management Services. Marshall serves on several hazardous materials related committees throughout the state of Florida. He is a certified trainer of E-Plan by the University of Texas-Dallas. Marshall is currently the hazardous materials team leader as well as a member of the light technical rescue team for the City of Cape Coral.

To attend contact Kenneth A. Teague, Caldwell County Emergency Management

Work: 828-757-1419



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