Principals of Frontline Response to Agro-Terrorism (AWR-155)

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Principals of Frontline Response to Agro-Terrorism (AWR-155)


Principles of Frontline Response to Agroterrorism and Food System Disasters

Demonstrates how an effective frontline emergency response can reduce or mitigate the effects of an agricultural emergency, act of agroterrorism or other food systems disaster. Course includes an all-hazards plan to protect against a wide variety of potential problems and occurrences within the agricultural community. This is the fifth of six courses in the WIFSS Agroterrorism Preparedness Curriculum for Frontline Responders series.

AWR 155 outlines the use of the Incident Command System (ICS) and the principles of Unified Command (UC) in a agroterrorism and food safety system disaster. Participants will apply ICS and UC principles through various exercises. Participants will be enabled to form and maintain frontline emergency response teams in response to such emergencies. The course will raise awareness to the need to quickly identify and eradicate outbreaks of animal diseases by isolating and destroying livestock and wildlife, removing and disposing of contaminated animal products, and disposing of contaminated feed and related materials. This course will also address the need for whole community preparedness and participation by strengthening local citizen emergency response teams which can support surge capacity response to an agricultural or food systems emergency or act of agroterrorism.

The overall WIFSS Agroterrorism Preparedness Curriculum for Frontline Responders, consisting of six courses, provides a flexible approach to enhance the agroterrorism response capabilities of all constituents in the agricultural sector. The training curriculum focuses on existing local emergency response teams and others who must respond to an agroterrorism incident in an effective and coordinated manner with state and federal antiterrorism teams. Training includes the food and agriculture industries, so they are fully informed and ready to assume their roles on local frontline emergency response teams. The training takes place in the local environment, but will emphasize integration with state and federal emergency response systems.


Fri. Oct 18, 2013 8:30 to 3:30 PM


Caldwell County Health Department
2345 Morganton Boulevard SW, Lenoir NC 28645
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Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium

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FED, Direct Delivery

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5: Hours



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The State will Reimburse Eligible attendees who travel further than 35 miles to the training and stay in an area hotel/motel; $63.90 per night, and $36,35 per day for meals. Bring the attached Travel Documents with you to the class, and give them and hotel receipts to the Instructor at the end of the class, or by noon of the second day upon checking out. Even if you’ve taken a class before, your FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER WILL BE NECESSARY FOR PROCESSING A REIMBURSEMENT CLAIM.

Kenneth A. Teague

Work:   828-757-1419

HAZMAT CLASS How to Plan and carry out an Hazmat IAP

How to Create and Implement a Hazardous Materials Contingency Plan for Transportation Emergencies

Presented by Caldwell County Emergency Management

All Fire / Rescue and EMS Services are welcome to attend:


18:00 Hours

Where: Caldwell County Library, Lenoir Branch-Hospital Ave.

This course will give an overview of how a LEPC can complete a Hazardous Materials Contingency Plan. We will give you the tools and knowledge to better prepare for a Hazardous Materials incident in your area. We will have discussions on incidents that have already occurred, and how we can prevent them in the future with a Plan. We will complete basic plans for evacuation in the event of transportation related incidents and industrial accidents. Students will utilize different tools (CAMEO,ALOHA, MARPLOT, E-Plan, etc…) to assist in creating an Incident Action Plan, while using existing plans for their area. Students will leave this class with knowledge of how an incident may occur and how to respond in their jurisdiction.

Instructor for E-Plan for Emergency Response, Planning and Investigation

Mathew Marshall has been in the Fire Service for 13 years, most of which have been with the City of Cape Coral Fire Rescue and Emergency Management Services. Marshall serves on several hazardous materials related committees throughout the state of Florida. He is a certified trainer of E-Plan by the University of Texas-Dallas. Marshall is currently the hazardous materials team leader as well as a member of the light technical rescue team for the City of Cape Coral.

To attend contact Kenneth A. Teague, Caldwell County Emergency Management

Work: 828-757-1419


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Formidable Footprint Exercises

Please Share This Important Disaster Exercise Opportunity With Others

National Community / Neighborhood Exercise Series

The series of Formidable Footprint exercises for neighborhood, community and faith based organizations continues.

September 28 – Tornado / October 26 – Earthquake / January 25 – Pandemic   

Exercises have also been scheduled for the following scenarios:

Flood – Hurricane – Solar Storm – Wildfire

The Formidable Footprint exercise series has been developed in accordance with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) protocols. The objective of the exercise series is for CERTs, Neighborhood Watch Programs, Neighborhood Associations, Community / Faith Based Organizations, Citizen Corps, Fire Corps and others to work as a team to become better prepared for the next disaster their community may face.

There is NO CHARGE for participation in any of the Formidable Footprint exercises.

For additional information or to register for up-coming exercises please access the following web site today:

Stay informed regarding future exercises by joining the Formidable Footprint LinkedIn Group.

Please Share This Important Disaster Exercise Opportunity With Others