Wildfire is one of the most serious threats facing residents of Caldwell County.  Cities have grown into suburbs and suburbs into what was once considered rural America. Citizens are acquiring secluded homes surrounded by forests, mountain cabins, or sprawling farms. This movement is creating an extremely complex landscape that has come to be known as the wildland/urban interface. The impact of severe wildfire on your community, your state and your federal government is staggering. According to the National Wildland Coordinating Group, since 1970 we’ve spent more than $20 billion dollars fighting fire at the fringes of our burgeoning population centers, in the areas described above as the wildland/urban interface.. Encroaching development into forests, grasslands and farms is resulting in numerous infrastructure problems, including catastrophic wildfires which increasingly threatens lives, homes and businesses.

Here is a Wildfire booklet  provided by Caldwell County Emergency Management with information about protecting your home and community from the devastation of a wildfire. It includes checklists and information about becoming a FIREWISE community.


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